My Great Olaplex Experience

My Olaplex Experience – Not just for Celebrities

I am not a beauty blogger but when something special crosses my path then I want to share it here with you all.

This incredible thing for women, who colour their hair often, is Olaplex. A lot of Celebritie-Hairdresser use Olaplex to turn the hair color for example from brown to platinum blonde. But I am here to tell you that Olaplex is not just for celebrities.

After Summer I went to see my hairdresser Frederick & Tom from FRDK Hairsalon. They were shocked at the apalling state of my hair would be no understatement. Through sun, salt water and some colorings my hair was really in a bad condition. God it was embarrassing. I didn’t envy the position of them at transforming my hair into something that not only would I be happy with, but they would be happy with, to.

Luckily being an on-trend hair salon they were using both Redken and Olaplex. I had heard of Olaplex first in Instagram and had no personal experience with it. I will admit to being skeptical, but the before and after pictures that I kept seeing made me really keen to try this product. For me it is a relatively new product on Gran Canaria which is a godsend for hairdressers and the Holy Grail for all women. And of course my favorite salon (FRDK Hairsalon) is already using it.

The professional hairstylist Tom used Olaplex as an accessory to make a gentle coloration of my hair. While I was reading some fashion magazines and we were talking about fashion, trends, styling, makeup etc …, he gave the bond multiplier no. 1 to my hair and let it work for a certain time. The second step is the Bond Perfector no. 2, which he applied to my hair after washing. This way, hair breakage can be drastically reduced at every coloring. One thing I love about the whole process is, that it goes fast. In view of the damage that had to be corrected, the time of sitting in the salon was actually less than a full head of slides. It also has no silicon or poor oils.

After a final shampoo and condition it was time for the hair reveal.

So want to see how awesome the Olaplaex is? Here you go. A gorgeous head of blonde if I do say so myself.


My Olaplex Experience  My Olaplex Experience

My Olaplex Experience


My tip is to find a colourist you can trust who has experience using Olaplaex or go directly to FRDK Hair Salon in the South of Gran Canaria.


Pic by Dein Glücksmoment
Hairstyling with Olaplex by FRDK Hairsalon 
Styling by Look2ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

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