How To Hair Care In Summer Time?

5 hair care tips for the summer season.

Do you want to know how to protect your hair from pool and sea water to keep it healthy and undamaged?



How To Hair Care In Summer - 5 Summer Hair Care Tips


Here in Gran Canaria we have right now the hottest summer month. Summer is actually my favourite season, but it’s also the harshest on my hair. After 10 years living in Gran Canaria I learned from my mistakes and take even better care of my hair, especially in the summer time.



Maybe you are planning a trip to a summer destination. Or you are already away on an incredible beach holiday. For sure you are having a brilliant time at the beach. But it’s important, that you’ve been taking extra care of your hair. 



I can remember, before I do summer hair care, my hair was so stiff and fragile with all the salt water. When I came back from the beach, my hair was in such a state that I didn’t even know how to comb my hair, because it was so snarled to get through. We all know how damaging the sun can be to our skin and I’m sure you’re all wearing sunscreen every day. But are you doing the same for your hair?




First question I would like to answer is:


Why hair care is so important in the summer time?




Too much sun dries out your hair, fades your colour and can make your hair brittle, stiff and dull as well. Because the UV rays are extracting protein and  a lot of moisture from your hair.


In this condition of the hair, now it’s possible, that the armful environmental influences can act on the hair. Because in contrast to the skin, human hair has no protection mechanism of its own in order to defend against harmful environmental influences.




So don’t make the same mistakes like I did and follow these hair care tips below for better hair now and after  the summer.







  1. Pre-soak your hair with clear water before any contact with pool or sea water.

  2. Once the hair is wet, coat you hair with oil and comb it through you hair. This will act as treatment to make you hair slightly waterproof. Which is the best hair care oil? I use the protective Glow Dry Hair Oil from REDKEN  that provides hair shine, smoothness, and hair manageability with ultra lightweight for my fine hair. Used the oil with dry hair I can style it fast and easy.

  3. Wash your hair after swimming with clear water or even with shampoo.

  4. Moisturize with a water & conditioner mix after the hair wash.

  5. Use a protective style like braids, buns and twists. Their are a lot of Tutorials on the internet or visit your favorite hair stylist to make you a beautiful summer beach braid. My hairdresser Frederick from FRDK Hair Salon is specialized in braiding. 




   How To Hair Care In Summer Time    How To Hair Care In Summer Time



Another question is:


What hair care products should I use?



How To Hair Care In Summer Time

Better you ask your hair stylist like I did!



How To Hair Care In Summer Time

Lately I got some new Products from Redken. Because I ask my hair stylist FRDK Hair Salon, which product should I use.


And he recommended me a especial hair care for fine hair.


All the Diamond Oil Glow Dry Products of REDKEN (see the pic below) is a oil-infused system that increases hair shine and moistening with a lightweight formula. The result is a super shiny hair and a bouncy blowout every time. I have such fine and smooth hair, I often have to blow dry it and these products help me to get a quick result and healthy result.





Making the right hair care choices can enhance your beauty inside and out. These summer hair care tips will allow you to feel and look confident through the harsh summer months with healthy and beautiful shiny hair. 



How To Hair Care In Summer - 5 Summer Hair Care Tips  How To Hair Care In Summer Time



If you should be on Gran Canaria for you summer holiday and you would like to keep your hair looking its best all summer long, book your appointments at FRDK hair Salon! Frederick and Tom brings out the best of you and let your appearance shine!!


Have you ever damaged your hair on holidays? And what is your number one tip for taking care of your hair in summer? Tell me in the comments!



How To Hair Care In Summer Time



See you on Monday with finally a new outfit post!



Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography
Hair Styling by FRDK Hair Salon
Wardrobe Styling and Text by Look2ocean

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