Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It

Hello there, I’m a big fan of foam rolling and I just want to let you know why everybody should doing it.


Foam rolling is one of the latest trends in health and fitness. You can find them at fitness center, CrossFit boxes, physiotherapists, offices, gyms, in homes and even suitcases!

It is great for your body as well as your mental health. Keep on reading for my top reasons why foam rolling should be an everyday part of our life.

So here are the top five reasons:


Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It  



    The first benefit you can get from foam rolling is a reduction in muscle pain. Many people experience muscle pain because injuries can cause scarring of the muscle tissue, or the fascia that surrounds the muscles. As a result of this deform, there are areas where the fascia adheres to itself or a muscle. This causes the muscle doesn’t move freely which can cause pain.

    Foam rolling works by hitting these points where the fascia is adhering to something and then it releases it. Although foam rolling can be a little bit painful while you’re doing it, over time, you’ll have fewer and fewer sore spots as the trigger points are released.  Keep doing it consistently over a few months and you’ll feel good. Really good!


Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It



    Adhesions in your muscles and connective tissues are bad for your body! They reduce flexibility and mobility, as well as cause your muscles not to contract uniformly. All of these things can lead to injury. However, foam rolling works by releasing these adhesions which can allow your muscles to move more freely. This will result in fewer injuries over the long-term.

    It just makes sense! If your body can move freely, in the way that it was designed to, you’ll be more comfortable and not put undue strain on your body.


Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It



    While foam rolling can be a little bit painful, especially at the beginning when you have lots of adhesions, it gets less and less painful as time goes on. That’s where the relaxation factor kicks in! Keep rolling and I’m sure that you’ll feel more relaxed at the end. It just plain feels good! Some scientists have theorized that foam rolling can help reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, but I don’t know if it proven yet. Do you know a study? Leave us the link and I will include it here!


Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It  Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It



    A massage with a massage therapist can be expensive. Sometimes is it out of the range of many of our budgets. However, a foam roller can offer many of the same benefits that a top-quality massage can, but without the hefty price-tag. Try foam rolling for a month or two and see what you feel. I think that you’ll feel the same benefits and never feel the need to get a massage for any reason other than just plain relaxation. What I mean is that you won’t ever feel like you’re desperate to get to your massage therapist because of muscle pain if you use a foam roller.


  Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It  Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It



    According to a study by a professor of exercise science in Canada, those who engaged in a heavy leg workout followed by foam rolling were able to recover much more quickly than those who just did the workout alone. Clearly foam rolling can help you recover quickly, so if you hit the weights hard, follow up your workout with a foam rolling session.

    A theory as to why foam rolling helps you recover from a tough workout is that it increases blood flow. In the same way that a deep tissue massage increases blood flow to whatever area is being worked on, foam rolling does the same. This increased blood flow brings nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, as well as taking away lactic acid and other toxins.



Now I close my short list of why I think that everyone should be foam rolling! If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you should use a foam roller. Just try it! Use a foam roller consistently for at least two weeks and see how you feel. I think that you’ll feel better and better as time goes on.

If you need some advice about which foam roller will work for you, check out the page of my favorite foam roll products Blackroll (link billow). I really like the whole range, because they offer people of all ages, sports levels and body areas the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, strength and the general well-being. The fact that all products are 100% recyclable and free of chemicals as well as robustness and sustainability is really important for me. That’s why I can recommend these products with a clear conscience.

Now, I hope you are curious and you wanna try out.

In this sense…. 

Let’s get rolling! 



Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It  Foam Rolling: Why Everybody Should Doing It


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